Boulder Walls


Boulder walls are an excellent way to add beauty, functionality, and style to your yard.


Soil Conditioning/ Grading

When grading and seeding, we use a hydraulic soil conditioner mounted to a Bobcat.  This pulverizes the soil as it grades the yard, reducing or eliminating the need to truck in pulverized dirt.  This significantly reduces the cost of labor and material for the project 


Seeding a New Lawn

The reason most seed projects fail is that the wrong kind of seed was used and it was not fertilized.  I have developed a seed and fertilizer system that works so well, that in most cases we're mowing a thin lawn in a month. Combined with our normal fertilizer program, a year later the grass is established and looks like great lawn.

Look what people are saying...

I sleep well at night during a snowstorm because I've learned that no matter how large the storm, Lawn By The Yard will have our two large church campuses plowed promptly. They have provided us great service for years. I highly recommend Lawn By The Yard for both lawn service and snowplowing.

Bruce McClay
Director of Facilities
Calvary Church.