Planting & Installation


Planting Shrubs

Whether you need all new shrubs, a few new shrubs added to an existing landscape or one dead plant replaced, we can offer this service to you at a per plant or total job price.


Tree planting

Trees are a great way to invest in your property.  It is a good idea to plant small trees now so they grow and provide all the joy a large tree in the future.  If you prefer, we can plant large trees for instant gratification.

Off season is a great time to plant trees. We offer special rates for trees in the off season.

Look what people are saying...

I can't say enough good things about Nick and his crew.

About a year and a half ago I was assigned the task of hiring a new grounds care company since our current one at the time was failing us miserably. I looked at about 10 – 15 companies very closely. I called each one and acquired as much information as I possibly could. Finally we narrowed the search down to 3 and Lawn by the Yard was one of those 3.

What made this company stand out to us was that Nick (the owner) insisted on coming out to our property and walking through it with me. He wanted me to point out the association's issues and also express issues that he saw and how he could correct them. He was the only company that insisted on doing this. I felt if Nick is willing to go the extra mile just to understand our needs before we even talk about hiring him then he has already out shined his competition.