Snow & Ice Management

Snow Plowing


We offer a customized response plan where we cover likely weather scenarios and how they are handled

  • Monthly and per-visit plowing pricing options to make your winter budget more predictable.
  • Efficient specialized equipment to do the work quickly without damage to your property
  • Help control costs by only plowing when the snow depth (measured onsite) exceeds the agreed threshold for plowing

Start Times

We can start plowing when the snow stops

We can plow all or part of your property before pre determined customizable trigger points such  if the snow reaches a certain depth by 3:00 AM the lot will be plowed before 6:00 AM so the business can open at 6:30 AM.  or drive lanes will be cleared prior to 7 am on snow totals exceeding a certain depth.  it can be only certain days or times the sky is the limit I can help in determining a plan to fit you needs and your budget

We can even plow continuously throughout a storm to provide the best possible surface at all times

Piling Snow

We can pile snow on the grass, in a central pile, or specifically designated areas


Ice Management

We normally spread salt treated with Magnesium Chloride on parking lots because it is cost effective and works well at varying temperatures. The Mag also causes the salt to work faster and helps stop future accumulations from bonding with the pavement.

Pure salt is cheaper and works well at warmer temperatures - 15 F and up.

Salt/Sand is meant to improve traction over ice.  It is even less expensive than plain salt, but tracks in to buildings and requires extensive clean up in spring.

We can provide this service on either a semi-automatic basis or a per call basis.  This means that I will come to your property whenever I feel it is necessary to maintain a pre-set threshold for ice control.  However, due to varying conditions, on site staff may periodically need to order this service.

Plow Picture


There are several types of sidewalk ice melt products.  Application is at  a “per-bag” price which includes labor.




Snow Hauling/Stacking


When you run out of room on your property for snow or the piles just get too, big we can move these piles to another area within your property or haul them to an offsite snow dump.  For an affordable per-load price this can free-up valuable parking spaces, improve sightlines, increase safety, reduce ponding during thaws and the ice from the re-freeze.

Look what people are saying...

I can't say enough good things about Nick and his crew.

About a year and a half ago I was assigned the task of hiring a new grounds care company since our current one at the time was failing us miserably. I looked at about 10 – 15 companies very closely. I called each one and acquired as much information as I possibly could. Finally we narrowed the search down to 3 and Lawn by the Yard was one of those 3.

What made this company stand out to us was that Nick (the owner) insisted on coming out to our property and walking through it with me. He wanted me to point out the association's issues and also express issues that he saw and how he could correct them. He was the only company that insisted on doing this. I felt if Nick is willing to go the extra mile just to understand our needs before we even talk about hiring him then he has already out shined his competition.